clean the elephant bed

get elephant food

visit the school


You can volunteer with us for 1, 2 or 3 weeks. When volunteering we aim to give you a special elephant experience which is unique in Sri Lanka. You will be warmly welcomed by the family & team, spend lots of time with the elephant Nilame and can help the project.

As a volunteer you have the opportunity to play an important role at the project, contributing to the daily running and future development. You will help with the daily care of the elephant, you will be required to assist with the elephant's feeding, cleaning and bathing throughout your stay and hopefully build a special relationship with the elephant!

feed the elephant

go on local tours

clean enclosure


When you volunteer you will go far beyond the usual tourist experience!

Some of the tasks that we like your help with could be:

  • Elephant food: Help prepare the food and feed the elephant
  • Elephant exercise: Walk through the beautiful area alongside the elephant.
  • Elephant care: Scoop elephant poo plus a variety of tasks concerned with elephant care.
  • Sri Lankan cooking: Cook together with us as we show you how to create delicious Sri Lankan food.
  • Project maintenance: Feeling like doing more? Help with maintaining the outside project area.
  • Improving the project: Help to improve the project by building or brainstorming and acting on ideas to make things better for the elephant Nilame.
  • English conversation with the local school children.

Please note that nothing is compulsory and the above list is not conclusive.

bringing the food

visit the neighborhood

bonding time!


You can stay 1, 2 or 3 weeks.


  • 1 week 50.000 LKR
  • 2 weeks 87.500 LKR
  • 3 weeks 135.000 LKR


  • A shared room at our home-stay with a warm and welcoming host family.
  • First day - lunch & dinner and accommodation. Last day - breakfast and lunch. All the days in between - breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • All project related transport.
  • Full induction on day one including safety rules when working with elephants.
  • Onsite English speaking coordinator.
  • Tour of the local elephant dung factory

in the enclosure